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Pallet Pickup Canada is the first and only company in Canada to offer national coverage for your companies pallet recycling requirements. We listen to our customers to develop a sustainable pallet recycling solution with the aim to reduce costs, minimise transportation and ensure all waste wood is reused when possible. We provide online real time recycling numbers so your business can track and view exactly how many pallets have been recycled across Canada.

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How Does it Work?

You will have access to an automated online pallet management system which keeps track of every transaction ensuring you know exactly how many pallets were picked up from each location.

Head office can login and view reports for one of your facilities or an overview across Canada.

Pallet Pickup Canada offers your business one point of contact for all locations across Canada saving time and resources.

We understand you are not in the pallet recycling business so let us help. We will offer new ideas and solutions to provide better pallet management, lower waste costs and a higher rate of return on recycled pallets.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the pallet industry which has enabled us to build our network across Canada. If your business requires a nationwide pallet recycling program please contact us today.

If you would like to hear more and see how we can work with your company please send an email or call us directly. We would happy to explain in more detail how we can work together to make a positive difference to your business. We are unique in the fact that we will explore and look at all options in relation to pallet recycling. Our objective is to offer a one point of contact for all locations in Canada including small and rural locations.

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